Development of meme generators for the television channel "Reshet 13"

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Two applications we developed for "Reshet 13" TV channel - one for "Survivor" show and one for "That's the Situation" show - are applications that allow users to create a "meme" picture - which presents a particular situation with an amusing caption. When, of course, the situation is a picture taken from the  television programs.


"That's the Situation" characters generator

The Character Generator application, which is a web application tailored to smartphones and desktop computers, was developed for "Reshet 13" to promote the TV program "That's the Situation".

In the app, the user chooses a character from the television program, and can place on the character various elements - glasses, beard, hair, hats, etc. The elements can move, enlarge, rotate and stretch. At the end of the process, the user gets the picture he created, which he can share in the gallery of the application and on various social networks.


"Survivor" meme generator

In the "Survivor Meme Generator" application, the user can select a picture from a variety of images from the program, add a upper sentence and lower sentence - and create a meme that will appear in the gallery on the site. The gallery divides the memes according to the most viewed or newest memes, and can be searched.


Desktop display of "That's the Situation" meme generator


Mobile display of "That's the Situation" meme generator


Memes gallery of "That's the Situation"


Desktop display of "Survivor" meme generator


Mobile display of "Survivor" meme generator