System for updating the ordering of jugs for Neviot

in: Information Systems, CBC Group

The information and management system, built by Slash for Neviot, enables Neviot to distribute a notice to the company's customers regarding the upcoming order update.

Customers to the mineral water supply of Neviot are given every month jugs of mineral water for their home or business. A message distributed to them via the management system, a few days before the distribution day, directs them to a webpage containing their personal data with the amount of jars they are expected to receive in the next shipment. The customer can update the amount of jars on that page and add to the shipment other products of the parent company - the Central Bottling Company Ltd., such as Fuse Tea bottles, Neviot water bottles, Coca Cola cans, Sprite cans, ect.

Once the order has been updated, the data can ve displayed on the management system and Neviot's internal systems, in order to update the orders and shipments accordingly.


Main page of the information system


Update products page


Add new product


Managment of webpages


Distributing new message to consumers