Application for iPhone and Android - The Personal Sergeant

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The "Personal Sergeant" application from HOT (the leading Israeli communication company) was designed and developed by Slash for "The Unit" television series, so the user can feel as a part of the unit by doing the following tasks:


Wake up Alarm:

The user selects hour in which he wants to wake up, and selects a tone from the suggested sounds. He can also select a text to be displayed on the alarm. A prompt alarm will appear with the sound the user has selected, on the given time selected by the user.


Sergeant Jobs:

The user can set up his own scheduled tasks that will appear to him as a push alert at the time and date he chose.


Improve your Appearance:

This is where the user uploads or takes a picture, and gives the sergeant an option to judge whether the appearance is correct or not, and only after adding a thick mustache - than the sergeant approves. The generated image can now be shared directly from the app.


The app is available for download on Google Play and App Store.




Wake up alarms page


Reminders page


"Improve your appearance" game