About Us

Slash is a company specializing in the planning, characterization, design and development of technological solutions for the digital world - applications, information systems, websites, games, software and more - with an emphasis on attractive design and use of the most advanced technologies, in order to make a unique user experience, that would make the user stay, return and share with his friends. We develop various products for a variety of digital platforms - web browsers, iPhones, Android devices, tablets, desktop software, and social networks applications.

Slash was founded in 2010 by Alon Layosh, an expert in Internet environment technologies and digital development, design and promotion. Since then, Slash has gained experience in establishing hundreds of projects – from small projects to large-scale projects, using a wide variety of platforms and tools. Our main expertise are graphic design and advanced development of applications for the web, iPhone and Android, building information systems, setting up websites, developing games and developing desktop software - all of which is done in exact accordance with the customer's requirements and the target audience.

Our team is composed of people with extensive knowledge and experience in the Internet world - and therefore know how to provide the right solution for the customer's needs.

Our Projects

What We Do

We specialize in characterizing, planning, designing, developing and promoting technological solutions for the digital world, with an emphasis on attractive design and use of the most advanced technologies. We always maintain the highest standard and strive for maximum quality, with dedicated and kind service. With a resume of hundreds of projects developed for the largest brands for more than a decade, Slash has extensive experience in establishing a variety of products tailored exactly to the customer's needs and target audience.


Development of complex applications for mobile devices and web browsers, using the most advanced technologies.

Web Sites

Establishing and promoting websites of all kinds - corporate websites, information websites, e-commerce websites, blogs and more.


Development of single and multi-player games, with spectacular graphics and sophisticated gameplay.

Information Systems

Building management and information systems, both for the general public and for the internal use of companies and businesses.

User Interfaces

Characterization, planning and design of the product interface in order to adapt it to user behavior in the most convenient, friendly and optimal manner.

Counseling and Optimization

Providing consulting services for the promoion of existing technological products, including performance improvements and optimization.