Learning Program - The Bible Challenge

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As part of a project that was proposed by the "Learning in the New World" to the Ministry of Education, we developed a learning software that contains tasks and puzzles for elementary school classes on the subject of the Bible they are studying.

The game is performed so that each class is divided into 6 groups. Each group photographs itself and transmits the names of its members to the software operator - so that the group picture and the students' names are displayed on the class page. During each lesson, students or teachers enter a unique link of their class, where each group can type its own codes. The groups will receive the riddles from the teacher at the beginning of the lesson, and each group should work together in order to reach the code. A group that has reached the code types it in the software - if it is right, they will receive points. If they are wrong, they can keep trying to find the code and go back to software as soon as they have a new answer.

The lesson worked synchronously between all the classes - once one class solved all the codes, the corresponding classes immediately received an indication. And that class should wait for the other classes to also solve all the codes, in order to close the gate of the lesson (in the meantime, the class can answer the bonus question).

A management system built for the customer allows him to manage any activity at the level of each school - to determine information about the school, the participating classes, the different groups, and the riddles and codes of each groung in each lesson. In addition, the manager can get an indication of the responses of the different groups, perform various filters and download the information to Excel files.


Article on the Israeli channel "Kan"


Short video describing the project 


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