In the Big Brother seasons that aired on Reshet 13, from 2019 to the present, we have established for Reshet 13 a voting mechanism for the program candidates.

The viewer at home, using the app, could vote for his favorite candidate on the show and thus save him from impeachment.

As part of the development, we created an environment where different voting pages can be produced - in a fixed format but with changing content and design. The voting page "skin" was also editable, allowing the customer to change colors and images on the page. To this end, the management system has been established so that the customer can update the visibility and content of the various voting pages, and also of course receive a real-time indication of the various votes for candidates in each program. In addition, we have established the entire mechanism for receiving votes, processing information and providing reports.

The voting system we established was secure and scalable, written with an efficient and elaborate mechanism, for the success of dealing with tens and even hundreds of thousands of votes at a time. The system has been well tested in a variety of performance testing tools to ensure that in real time and during program broadcast - the mechanism will continue to function properly and the system will still be available for user votes and reports for the client.

In addition, a user who wanted to vote for a candidate was required to login to their Facebook or Google profile, or register with SMS code to his phone, and could not vote more than once on the same profile. This is to avoid situations of fake and double voting.

The voting pages also contained various elements that we implemented - analytics, captcha, Google banners, transitions, Tabula articles, and more.


2021 app voting page


Dekstop version of the app


Login page for the 2019 VIP season


Login page for the 2020 season


Login confirmation via SMS


Voting page


Voting for a candidate page


Management System


Interface to edit the page content and design