Loreal Professional Website

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The L'Oreal Professional website, created by Slash for L'Oreal Israel, is a site that concentrates the company's products for the professional market of beauty salons.

The site was designed and developed according to the structure of the global site, containing information about the company's products, questions and answers, tips, articles magazine, a list of grooming salons that work in cooperation with L'Oreal and information pages. The site contains elements like advanced filtering, search, maps, location detection, rotating banners, tags, links to social networks, etc.

The site is a versatile site for all devices, secured by advanced information security standards, accessible to people with disabilities, and supports SEO standards for indexing the site in the search engines.

In addition to the site, a dedicated management system was established, in which all the content of the site can be handled individually, simply and quickly.


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