Tara and Muller App Development - iPhone Every 3 Hours

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The "iPhone Every 3 Hours" activity we have developed, which combines the "Tara" and "Muller" brands, offers consumers to purchase brand products and register for a lottery on the dedicated activity site.

A consumer who subscribes to the site is required to enter his personal information. He then has to photograph his purchase invoice, which proves that he has purchased the branded products, on the app camera. Then type in the invoice number - and then he registered into the lottery.

Every day from Sunday to Thursday, every 3 hours, there will be a lottery between the contestants - when the winner of each ruffle receives an iPhone 11 Pro device.

For the activity we have developed the web app that consumers can register in for the lottery, a pre-page to which users can register before the activity to receive a reminder at the start of the activity, a management system that reflects all registrants and winners, and the lottery system which automatically ruffle winner every 3 hours.


The main web app page


Start of the registration proccess


Registration proccess - take picture of an invoice


End of registration proccess


Desktop app


Management system