Development of challenges and donations application - Just Donate

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Just Donate is an application that users can register to, and they pose challenges for themselves in which they "bet" with their friends. If the user fails to meet the challenge, he will contribute to an organization of his choise. If he succeeds, his friends will contribute.

The application is a web application suitable for mobile devices, and contains a wide variety of pages in addition to the challenge pages - the main page sums usage data for the application and the user's use of the application, explanatory pages, membership pages of the application companies, business pages that offer benefits to donors, coupons, searches, etc. - when everything can be edited in a dedicated management system that was built alongside the application.

In challenge pages, the user chooses a category, a challenge, a deadline, and an amount that he will contribute if he fails. He then invites his friends to join his challenge, and also declare a donation amount. On the challenge page you can see the members, the donations, the status of the challenge, the members can correspond on a private chat and share the challenge in the various social networks. Each action in the challenge will send a notification to the challenge creator and the members of the challenge.

A dedicated management system that was created alongside the application enables to edit the content in the application and to get an indication of the use of the application - users, challenges, donations, coupons, etc.


Homepage screen


Categories screen


Create new challenge screen


Challenge screen


Send "reinforcements" screen


Management system - homepage


Management system - edit articles