Development of Coca-Cola flowers shipping operation

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The flower delivery app developed by us at Slash App Development is an initiative of Coca-Cola Israel during the Coronavirus crisis, where participants can send bouquets of flowers with Coca-Cola bottles to their loved ones, who are unable to see them due to the Coronavirus lockdown.

The shipment is completely free and does not require registration or purchase of any product, but only filling out the sender information form and recipient information, including an accurate address. Each day of activity there are limited number of flowers bouquets, which begin daily at 9:00 am. Each participant can only send one flowers bouquet. Therefore, the request submission mechanism we developed was a smart mechanism that avoids errors and exceptions beyond the set allocations. The mechanism was able to successfully deal with thousands and even tens of thousands of participants who entered the site at the same time, when the allocations were opened, to send a flowers bouquets to their loved ones.

The activity was developed in two languages ​​- Hebrew and Arabic.

The client has a management system available for viewing all users requests, filtering by various parameters, and exporting the tables to Excel files.


The main page on desktop


Form page on mobile


App in Arab language


F.A.Q. Page


The information system