Greeting Map Application - 10 Years Celebrations for Slotomania

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For the event of the 10-year celebration of Slotomania, a game by Playtika, Playtika contacted us to meet a complex challenge - the full creation of a web app for desktop and mobile browsers - including characterization, video production, design, development, support and server management. The app needs to handle very high loads of tens of thousands of participants at any given time. It needs to be secured. It is always important to make sure it runs smoothly on very old devices and browsers as well. It should be intuitive and clear to all types of users. And of course, the app should look great and function well. And on top of it - we were asked to establish a fully operational product in a very short period of time.

We took on this challenge. We started designing and executing precise architecture planning for all the different mechanisms that will be active in the app. A team of four programmers, designer and animator worked constantly and in full coordination to succeed in setting everything up in a timely manner. After the completion of the development, we conducted testing and repair rounds, efficient and fast, to ensure smooth functioning of the application - even at very high loads.

And in the end - we were able to successfully complete the task :)


The map app shows the world map in an illustrated way. The user can place his position on the map - and share a blessing in honor of the new decade, with the rest of the players.

He can also navigate the map and see other users' greetings. He can search for a specific location in the world, from a pool of 2 million cities around the world.

The app successfully tackled tens of thousands of users who entered it at the same time, and in less than a day - the map was already full of blessings to zero!


The world map, with the users' blessings


The world map after an hour - when it's already completely full


Add new blessing screen


Add new blessing success screen


Users' blessings screen