Web App Development - Coca-Cola Boost Scan

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With the launch of Coca-Cola's new coffee drink in Israel - Coca-Cola Plus Coffee - we developed at "Slash Apps Development" web app that checks how tired the user is and how much he needs the new coffee drink to wake up.

The app, "The Boost Scan", allows the user to take a photo of himself. And using a special algorithm that we have developed, which uses Face Recognition API, the user gets a numerical result - how tired he is in the photo he took. If the user is not too tired, and not too alert, he will win a coupon to purchase the new drink. If the user is too alert or tired, the app will offer him a reminder service so he can receive an SMS reminding him to check his fatigue again at another time.

Alongside the app, a management system has also been set up, which allows the customer to manage the content of the app and get an indication and statistics on the use of the app.


Main app page


Result Page


Result page after submitting the details


App's information system