Development of "Rolling and Winning" activities of the Central Bottling Company

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"Opening the Year with a Gift" and "Rolling and Winning" web apps were developed by Slash for the Central Bottling Company, which manufactures and markets a variety of products in Israel, such as Coca Cola, Carlsberg and Tuborg Beers, Terra, Muller, Tzuriel, etc. The web app was active for a period of month, each year between 2016 and 2018.


The activities are based on cooperation with "Shufersal Online" - users who buy a product basket containing products from the Central Bottling Company, received a link to the site where they can receive points according to their purchase price.

In the "Open the Year with a Gift" activity, each user can accumulate points during the various purchases and, when he wishes, he can convert the accumulated points in a variety of prizes: mini fridge, backpack, tickets to movies, ect.

In the "Rolling and Winning" activity, users can get a coupon, in the website, for each purchase. In addition, they can play the puzzle game - each purchase at Shufersal Online reveals another part of the puzzle for them, and they have to guess as quickly as possible what is the country hiding behind that puzzle. A correct answer may win the Grand Prize - a dreamy vacation in the same destination that is hidden under the puzzle parts.


In order to manage the activity, a management system was built, which enables updating the prizes in the system, including the inventory and their value in points, and to receive information about the users' use of the site.


"Opening the Year with a Gift" activity - the main page of the site


"Opening the Year with a Gift" activity - the process of accumulating points


"Opening the Year with a Gift" activity - the gift page


"Open the Year with a Gift" activity - popup


"Opening the Year with a Gift" activity - coupon


"Rolleing and Winning" activity - Main Page


"Rolling and Winning" activity - pulling out a coupon


"Rolling and Winning" activity - Puzzle page


"Rolling and Winning" activity - Mobile's main page


"Rolling and Winning" activity on Mobile


"Open the Year with a Gift" activity - the management system


"Open the Year with a Gift" activity - the management system


"Rolling and Winning" activity - the management system