Design and development of interactive web applications for HOT

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Design and development of "Neighborhood" puzzle application for Facebook and Mobile

For HOT's "Neighborhood" TV series, Slash designed and developed a unique trivia app for the series' viewers.

The purpose of the user in the application is to discover all the parts of the puzzle that appear in it, by answering the trivia questions correctly.

At every day of the 10 days that the app was active in, only one part of the puzzle can be discovered, and on the tenth day the user can discover all of them.

As soon as user click on the "Show the Riddle" button, a short video is displayed before the user and a question regarding that video is displayed. If the user answers correctly, he is led to a registration form after which he is shown the part of the puzzle that he has been able to reveal. Each time user sign in to an app, the user sees how many pieces of the puzzle he has been able to reveal so far.



The main application screen in Mobile


Mobile Puzzle Screen


Facebook question screen



Celebrating 10 years of HOT VOD

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of HOT's HOT VOD service, HOT participated in the campaign for the 10th anniversary celebration. For that campaign, we designed and developed a web application where users can choose their favorite moments from all the VOD series of all time. In the app, users could choose the favorite intro, favorite character, favorite duo, favorite family, funny character, etc.



Design and development of photo gallery - "Baby of a Birthday"

The application was designed and developed by Slash for HOT, which was presented on the Facebook page HOT VOD young. In the application, users were asked to upload pictures of their children with the date of birth of their children, when the winners selected by HOT were promised to participate in a special clip on "With Shai and Roy".

Each parent can upload a photo of their child by uploading a photo from their computer or by selecting a photo from one of their Facebook albums. In addition, the app also includes a gallery of all the photos uploaded by the users, which all users can enter, see pictures and share pictures.
The customer was given access to an advanced management system, which allows to see all the photos uploaded by the users according to dates and the details left by each user on the form. In addition, the management system allows the export of all the information to Excel file and filter inappropriate images so that they will not be displayed in the gallery.