Development of Fuse Tea Campaign Apps

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The "Fuzes" activity of the Fuze tea brand began in 2017 and then continued its activity in 2018.

Consumers who purchase Fuze Tea products accumulate "Fuzes" - a numerical value imprinted on the product, with a different value on each product. These "Fuzes" can be fed into the activity site that we developed, so the user could gain points on the site. Each label was issued with a unique serial number, which had to be typed on the site, in order to verify the purchase of the product.

The mechanism for winning prizes is a clever mechanism that keeps allocations to users and divides each prize in precise quantities - in order to prevent double booking or deviations from given prizes stock.

In addition, the site included many other components, such as registration, login, personal area, information and video pages, etc.

The activities also took place in Arabic, in order to make it accessible for Arabic speakers. A parallel activities were also launched for the Israeli orthodox sector, with different prizes and a more appropriate contect for this sector.

In order to manage ongoing operations we have established a dedicated management system, which presents usage data and statistics in real time, and enables the preparation of various data used by the site.


2017 Website - homepage


2017 Website - inserting products codes


2017 Website - personal area


2017 Website - gifts shop


2017 Website - "Out of Stock" message


2017 Website - receiving a prize


2017 Website - homepgae


2017 Website - gifts shop


2017 Website - coupon page


2017 desktop website for the orthodox sector


2017 mobile website for the orthodox sector


2017 desktop website for the Arab sector


2017 mobile website for the Arab sector


2018 website homepage


2018 website gift shop


Management System