Coca-Cola Always Classic Website Development

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"Coca-Cola Always Classic" webite offers consumers the opportunity to experience Coca-Cola throughout the generations and to be impressed by the changes it has undergone. Brand products were sold with different labels, each label displaying another brand period. Consumers could collect these labels, some of which can be easily obtained and some were more rare to find. Consumer can register for the site, and receive points for the various labels they have accumulated. These points can be used by the consumer in order to win his favorite prize - coolers, parasols, towels, mini refrigerators, suitcases, popcorn machines, flying abroad tickets, and more.

The site contained a mechanism of registration and login, which includes identification by phone number. After login, the user can continue to use the rest of the site - enter the labels of the products he purchased, get a snapshot of his profile, order prizes through accumulated points, read information, watch videos and gallery pictures, and more. The award-winning mechanism was a sophisticated mechanism, including divisions and allocations, to ensure that allocations to each of the awards were not exceeded their defined stocks.

In addition, the user could order tickets for a Coca-Cola exhibition at the Tel Aviv Port using his accumulated points. For this purpose, we have established a sophisticated ticketing mechanism - on the basis of available seats and allotments, all managed according to defined hours and dates. For the use of the client and the sales promotions company, which was responsible for that exhibition, there was a management system that we developed which enables them to manage the whole area of ticket distribution.

The same management system also made it possible to perform a variety of other activities - receiving and analyzing information about the users' use of the site, managing the awards allocations, and more.




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