"Eat Good Do Good!" Website Development

in: Websites, Coca-Cola, CBC Group, Maps Application

With the end of the Corona lockdown in Israel, Coca-Cola embarked with the activity "Eat Good Do Good!". As part of the Coca-Cola activity, they distributed free drink cans to diners at certain restaurants. We at "Slash Apps Development" have developed the activity website, where users can register and see on a map which businesses are participating in the operation.

Upon entering the page, the user is asked to give access to their location, and immediately sees a list of participating businesses in his area, and the same businesses on a map. The user can also sign up for a reminder, and upload a photo on the website or Instagram, which will put him in a contest that allows him to win a mini fridge.

Prior to the rise of operations, we have developed a form for business owners where they can register their business in order to offer themselves as a participating business.

A dedicated management system set up alongside the site allows the customer to see the list of subscribers to the activity, the list of businesses, the pictures received, and to update the cities and streets that can be selected on the form for the businesses.

The activity was promoted simultaneously for three sectors, with each segment having its own dedicated activity - the general sector, the Arab sector and the Orthodox sector.



Activity website


Mobile website


Website for the Orthodox sector


Website for the Arab sector


Pre-registration form for business owners


The management system


Sample page from the management system