Development of the video generator application Fanta Move

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As part of a launch campaign of the brand "Fanta Grape," we have developed for the "Central Bottling Company" (which distributes in Israel brands like Fanta, Coca-Cola, Sprite, etc.) a web application for desktop computers and mobile devices, in which the user can create his personal video were he dances with one of the brand figures - Franco or Pippa.

In the app, the user is required to upload a 30-second video file of himself dancing the Fanta Move dance. The video is attached to the video of the character he chose, dancing alongside him. The resulting video can be shared, saved, and downloaded. Daily prizes were awarded to selected users. In addition, the site contained information about the activity and about the product, videos, coupons, and more.

In addition to the application, we developed a management system that enables the client to view all the films that were generated on the app, including filtering and exporting the information to Excel files.


Main page


Character selection


Waiting for a created video


The resulting video view


Coupon page