Application "Zarzar Pais" development during the years 2011-2016

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Between 2011 and 2016, Mifal Hapayis operated every year, in June to July, a short stories competition app "Zarzar Pais". Each year, "Slash Application Development" was responsible for the development of these applications.


As part of the competition, short stories are written by the users - with a limit of 140 characters - when the content of the story must be on a subject defined for that year of activity (for example, "CV" or "World Cup"). The first, second and third place winners, selected by a panel of judges, receive valuable prizes - from NIS 5,000 to NIS 15,000.


In addition to the possibility to publish stories and watch the stories of all users, the app contains many other features - personal message area, personal favorites, registration and login, search, and more.


The application management system is an advanced and intuitive management system that allows administrators and judges to view and rank the various stories, to communicate with users in private messages, to filter inappropriate content, to view reports and announcements to the administrator, and to change settings and content in the application,


The 2011 app


The 2012 app


The 2014 app


The 2015 app


The 2016 app


The app's management system


The app's management system