The "Guess What" app, available for download on iOS and Android devices, is a game application where users send captured puzzles to their friends and guess puzzles from their friends.
During the game, the user selects a friend from Facebook or Twitter with whom he wishes to play. At the beginning of the game he gets three phrases - and he has to choose one. The selected phrase will require the user to visualize it using a photography, and send the picture to his friend - so that the latter will try to guess the definition in the picture. For each correct answer, the guessing member will win the coins according to the difficulty level of the phrase he guessed.


The app contains many features, such as: buying coins through your App Store or Google Play account, sharing across social networks, daily prizes, direct photo shoots or selecting an image from the camera gallery, a combination of icons on any photo, Image filters, crop, explanatory screens, and more.
The customer has a management system where he can receive information about all registered users and all the games that have been made, and update the information and contents in the application - the amount of coins to be received as daily prizes, the prices of packages of coins to be purchased and the expressions to guess at the various difficulty levels.


The app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.