Developing a blog for The Voice - "The Voice who Knows"

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The site "The Voice Who Knows" is an online video blog listed under the category of "The Voice" in "Reshet 13' site. It was developed by Slash for the second season of The Voice.

The blog is published by an anonymous character, and contains juicy information about The Voice stars - mentors and candidates. The blog contains videos, each week a new video clip, text posts, and exclusive sections of the programs that were not broadcast. The blog contains a search option, an option to respond to various posts by users, and an "interesting news" advertising component by visitors.

All blog content is managed by a convenient and user-friendly management system, where you can add, edit, delete and search for various posts on the blog, as well as the ability to block comments and block posts uploaded by users.


The Voice Who Knows - Main Page


The Voice Who Knows - Article page


The Voice Who Knows - Management System