ZoZa Tree application development for Facebook and Mobile

in: Apps, Web Apps Development, Raffles, Social Networks API

ZoZa Tree, a Facebook application and mobile application developed by the Slash team, is a start-up application that rewards various users for watching commercials.

The essence of the application is a platform offered for advertiser. In the app users can view ads, when done as follows: a user who enters the application can choose one of 750 leaves on the money tree. Under each leaf there may be a prize - and after watching a short video, he might win a prize under that leaf. The prizes hidden under the leaves are smartphones, accessories for smartphones, tablets, cameras, laptops, comprehensive computer equipment, and more.

In addition to the core of the activity, there are additional activities and win-win mechanisms to increase the virality of the app - duel against a friend, advertiser award videos, demographic segmentation of videos and prizes, and more.

The application's management system is comprehensive and rich, allowing application operators to determine the films to be displayed in the application, which prizes can be won, what will be the demographic segmentation of each film, the amount of money accumulated in the fund, and more. In addition, the system allows statistical information of the application usage - quantities of registered users, views of movies, segmentation in the form of graphs of user ages, actions performed in the application such as LIKE and share, income from the application, etc.