Minisites production system for Nana 10

in: Apps, Web Apps Development, User Generated Content, Information Systems

The system we developed for Nana 10 was available to them to set up different activities for different advertisers. The activities were award-winning activities based on user content. In each activity, users were asked to write a short tip or upload a suitable picture. The various tips and pictures of the other users were displayed in the gallery on the website.

The management system enabled the customer to create new activities and to conduct existing activities, including content changes and design between activities. And also to view the list of all the content uploaded by users, and filter out inappropriate content.


Shufersal's "Tips" activity.


Castro's "Gallery" activity.


"Gallery" activity of the "Winning Couple" program.


Buy Me's "Tips" activity.


Edit a "Gallery" activity in the management system.


Edit a "Tips" activity in the management system.