The Vibe Live application and system was developed for the organization Vibe Israel, the purpose of which is to carry out positive information around the world for the benefit of the State of Israel.

Using the Vibe Live app we developed for the organization, a "virtual tour" guide can take a virtual tour with a group of participants in Zoom (or any other communication channel). The operator enters a dedicated software in which he operates the tour, and each participant enters a dedicated link in which there is a web app and through which he can participate in the tour experientially, while watching what happens in the zoom call and the operator's presenter page.

The tour is an interactive tour, during which viewers experience the story in a unique, innovative way and with involvement and play. And all this in real time when all viewers participate online and simultaneously in the interactive experience.

On each tour, the operator can use the following components at his disposal -

  • Video display, for all participants of the virtual conversation simultaneously.
  • A trivia game, answered by all the participants in the conversation together.
  • A survey question, answered by the participants of the conversation together. At the end of the survey, the results can be seen, and it is the survey that will lead the group to the next stage - which is chosen by a majority of votes in the survey.
  • A game of "Seizure of Objects" - one must seize the good objects and avoid the bad ones.
  • "Find the Elements" game - various elements are hidden in the picture, and they must be found as quickly as possible.
  • A "Scratch Card" game - each participant scratches a picture, and as soon as he recognizes what is hidden under the picture - he must respond.
  • Leaderboard - At any given moment, the tour operator can present to all participants the leaderboard - who are the players who have scored the most points in the various games.
  • Receiving Feedback - Participants can fill out a form in the app, with short text and a rating they give to the tour.
  • Announcement of a winner - At the end of the tour, the operator will announce a winner - the participant who has scored the most points in the various games.
  • This is in addition to additional information pages - information and explanation, questions and answers, "about us" pages - which appear in both the participants' application and the operator's system.


In addition, the customer has a management system at his disposal, where he can create the various games, the various tours, manage the authorized operators, get statistics and an indication of use of the application, user feedback, and more.


User login screen


Trivia question


Survey question


Scratch card game


Skyfall game


Object finding game in the picture


Feedback form


Zoom display - standby screen


Zoom display - video screen


Zoom view when a trivia question is active in the app for users


Zoom view of the survey results answered by users


Operator interface - select a room or create a new room


Operator interface - operation of the virtual tour


Operator Interface - Activate Zoom video for viewers


Management system