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Each year, from 2017 to 2021, Slash was responsible for developing the Coca-Cola Wow Tour's summer activity site.

The activity, which is intended for youth between the ages of 16 and 18, allows registration to the site and accumulation of points. The participants who accumulate most of the points will receive tickets for Coca Cola's big summer event. The elected youth who accumulate the highest score will fly to the big journey of the Coca-Cola Wow Tour - in the US or Europe.

The entire activity is in the spirit of volunteer values ​​and assistance to the community, as are the various tasks on the site. Accumulation of points on the site is possible by performing various tasks - digital tasks on the site (questionnaires, social tags, sharing with friends), performing various physical tasks (surprising parents with breakfast, reminding people at the pool and sea to apply sunscreen, ect.), and volunteering in various organizations throughout the country.

In addition, the site contains many information pages about the activity, which contain data, pictures and video.

In order to operate the activity, we have built a sophisticated management system with various characteristics. The system served many entities - the customer, the consumer service, the advertising agencies that managed the activities, the content managers who were responsible for approving and disqualifying tasks, the casting team who were responsible for the selection of the team each year, and Ruach Tova responsible for the volunteer management. The management system allows full control of the contents of the site's tasks and other parts on the site, and receiving full information about the users' activity on the site. The system can perform operations such as approvals and rejections of tasks, filtering, exporting complete information about the tasks including media and dynamic sections, receiving daily reports, statistical information in the form of graphs, etc.


2019 Website - Main Page


2017 Website - Tasks Page


Registration page on 2021


2018 Website - Main Tasks Page


2019 Website - Personal Tasks Page


2017 Website - Ticket Distribution Indicator


2017 Website - Registration


2019 Website - Personal Task


2019 Website - Volunteer Task


2018 Website - Questionnaire Task


2018 Website - Invite Friends Task


2018 Website - Tagging Task


2018 Website - About the Journey


2019 Website - Personal Page


Roadtrip page on 2021



2019 Website - Festival Page


Management System


Management System - Edit Content


Management System - Daily Reports