The website "Deliveries Month" which we developed for CBC company (which produces and markets in Israel the brands Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fuse Tea, Fanta and more) is a website that combines restaurants around the country, participating in the activity.

The site was launched during the second closure following the Corona plague, in which seating was banned in restaurants and only food deliveries were allowed.

Under the site, the user can view the various restaurants participating in the activity - including opening hours, addresses, and a link to the restuarant website, in which he can make a delivery. The user can see a list of restaurants divided into categories, or view all the restaurants on an interactive map.

As part of the activity, a discount was offered on buying a soft drink when ordering a meal delivery, and in addition, users who uploaded a picture of themselves eating the dish they ordered - could win a voucher for another meal.


Mobile web site


Desktop web site