Invoice Pigeon - Digital Invoice Production System

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The web site and the system of "Invoice Pigeon", developed by Slash Application Development, allows users of the Stripe American payment service to issue invoices for their customers - whether it is a one-time invoice or invoice of monthly retainer basis.

A user who enters the site can access the invoice issuing interface and enter the various items - the details of the sending business, the details of the receiving business, various items and their amounts, etc. He can also choose whether the invoice will be issued automatically every month from now on.

The invoice is sent by e-mail when the payment is made by interfacing with the service of Stripe - a payment service (actually, the American competitor to Pay-Pal's global service).

In the product management system, you can get an indication of all the invoices that have been produced - including filtering, exporting to Excel files, etc.


 Invoice Issue page


Select a date on the invoice issue page


The invoiced page with full details


The invoice was issued successfully


Invoice page


Payment for the invoice - via Stripe


The invoice as it is received by email