Development of a dual-screen questionnaires set up system

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For Applicaster, a company that builds and runs apps for broadcast networks and media companies around the world, we've built a product that allows app owners to easily embed a variety of different questionnaires and surveys into their app. The product allows for embedding trivia questionnaires, surveys, votes, etc., with the possibility to edit content and design of each questionnaire - with the main use of those questionnaires being during the broadcast of the television program, in a synchronized way with the broadcast on the screen.

The questionnaire system served tens of thousands of active users simultaneously, during high-profile television shows such as Big Brother in Spain. The system was able to handle tens of thousands of votes at the same time, processing the information and providing real-time reports on the various votes made, for customer use.



"Grid" trivia


"List" trivia




"Slider" votes


Management system - set up a new question