With the establishment of the various Facebook pages for the "Reshet 13" TV channel, we, in "Slash Application Development", developed and designed a variety of useful tabs, games, activities, etc., which came up on those Facebook pages. The various components appeared on Facebook pages such as "The Amazing Race", "The Voice", "Life Is Not Everything", "Step Family", "Special" and more.



The tab of "The Amazing Race" couples.
In the "The Amazing Race" couples tab, you can see all the couples participating in the show, see how many "likes" each pair has and subscribe with a "Like" to your favorite couple.


The tab "Invitation to the Amazing Race party" is an activity that has risen to the end of the season - each user was asked to give a reason why he deserved to win a ticket for the season prom, and the user with the chosen reason won a double ticket.


Trivia game "Extraordinary Fan" of the program "Life Is Not Everything" - a three-stage trivia game, each stage exposed to users weekly. The winner is the one who answered questions in all stages in the fastest time.


Questionnaire "Want a change?" of the program "Step Family".

The application presents the user with a series of questions, with the question display order and the question content depending on the user's answers. At the end of all the questions, the app made a calculation according to the user's answers - and presents him with a video starring the mentor Alon Gal with a life advice. The video can be shared in the user's Facebook profile.


The questionnaire "What character are you?" of "Life Is Not Everything."

In the activity, the user answers a series of questions - and according to his answers to the various questions, the application performs a calculation and returns a result - who is the character that is most similar to him - from the television series "Life Is Not Everything". The result can be shared in the user's Facebook profile.



The activity "Do not disturb me" of "The Amazing Race" included two parts - the first part is the activity itself, in which the users write where they want to be surprised with an exotic break. To the winners of the activity came the show's team to surprise them in their chosen place - in the office, garage, classroom, etc.
The second part included a video gallery of all the places where these surprises were taken.


The tweets tab of The Voice


Tab mentors of The Voice



In the "My Voice - Mentors Notebook" application of "The Voice" program, each user can choose from among the 56 candidates participating in the show - and see if he has scored the right candidate.
Each user actually makes up his own team, when he can rank any candidate on his team - according to categories such as style, voice, show and originality.



During the duel stage of "The Voice", each mentor selects two candidates who will compete with each other. And at the same time while the show was broadcasted - the users of the app at home, through the app, also choose their preferred candidate. At the end of each duel, users can see which of the candidates received the most votes from the other users, and the data is also broadcast to the screen in real time.
In addition, the app includes several additional components for use by the user: chat, ticker (which draw posts from the Facebook page and the Twitter profile of The Voice), and the ability to send posts directly to the Facebook page of The Voice. Watching my friends and their choices. Viewing who is the most selected candidates by most users, and watching the leading users in the application, who are nominated for the prize.



What character are you from the show "Special."