"The Voice in the Environment" web app

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"The Voice in the Environment" is an application that surfaced on "Reshet 13" website during the second season of The Voice.
The user in the application had a variety of videos and sounds to choose from, featuring the participants of the program "The Voice", from which he can put together his own 30-seconds mix. The generated mix can be saved, shared on social networks or sent to a friend by email. Each mix created is stored in the gallery of all the users, and through the gallery other users can vote "Like" to the mix they liked. During the development of the application, advanced video technologies were used to synchronize and coordinate the various video clips and to optimize the application load times and performance.
In addition, we also built a management and statistics system, in order to receive data on the amount of mixes made by users, and their personal details as they filled in the registration form.