Development of Orange sales center simulator

in: Web Apps Development, Information Systems

The sales simulator is an internal browser-based Web system developed for Orange's sales center, enabling salespeople to receive information about the company's offers in real time.

In the simulator itself, the sales representative can see all the company's tracks according to the type of customer and the device he purchased from the company. Each agent can track each customer by combining several packages, with the simulator allowing the agent to receive the final price after a discount for each combination of tracks. The sales representative can receive general information for each track, use the calculator in the app and update on other services the company can offer to the customer.

The simulator was built as a browser-based Web application, which hosted on Orange's internal servers and interfaces with Oracle Database. In addition to the simulator, Orange uses a management system, which enables updating and adding offers, packages, discounts and benefits for crossing tracks. It is also possible to update general information and texts in the simulator using the management system.


The main page of the simulator


Content page in simulator


List of offers and programs


Management System - Main Page


Management System - Schedule programs and offers