Design and development of "HOT memi" application for Facebook and Mobile

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As part of the promotion of the HOT cable TV company programs, various Facebook pages of Hot unique series were attached with the "HOT memi" app we developed. The app allows the user the ability to create memes, relatd to these series. "Slash Application Development" designed and developed the application and the generator of the memes within it.

The first page of the app shows the gallery of memes created by users, according to the category of new memes, or the most popular memes. A user can select a meme and see it on the editing surface, where he can choose whether to upload an image from his or her computer or smartphone and stay with the original text, or replace the text and stay with the original image. Once created, the user can download it, or share it with different social networks - Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and email.


The specially developed management system allows the client to add new TV shows to the app and add new memes to each show. The client can determine the order in which the programs are displayed, and the order in which memes appear. In addition, he can view and approve the memes uploaded by users.


Memes gallery page on Facebook.


Create a new meme page.


Share the generated meme.


Mobile app.