Development of the social flight application of UP

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As part of the launch of the new brand from EL-AL - "UP" - "Slash Application Development" developed the application of social plane and customer service Facebook tab, for the public relations office of EL-AL - Shalom Tel Aviv.

In the "social flight" app, users can open a group of friends with whom they will want to fly to one of five destinations. The price of an airline ticket for each member of the winning team will depend on the number of members who have confirmed their arrival on the flight, with prices significantly lower than normal flight prices. For example, the price of a plane ticket to Berlin for 3 members is $ 85 and for 10 members is $ 49.

A group manager can choose the members with whom he will want to fly and the destination to which the group will fly. Members of the group who will receive an invitation through the app are required to accept or reject it. If a member declines his / her participation, the team manager can replace him with another member.

In addition to the "social flight" application, Slash team also developed customer service page for UP Facebook page, where users can send their details along with text and a document or image file.

Both the "social flight" application and the customer service tab have been developed as a custom application for desktop and mobile-optimized applications. In order to manage the applications and to receive application usage statistics, the customer received a detailed and comprehensive management system that enables him to view the groups and group members that were opened in the application, receive a graph of the selected flight destinations, the status of the participants, and the number of groups that were opened each day. In addition, the management system can manage the details of the email sent in the customer service tab.


Main app screen


The target selection screen


Friends choice screen


Flight details screen


Screen flight details, after the approval of the members of the group


Facebook app - Invite friends screen


Application management system


Application management system


Application management system