For Applicaster, a company that builds and operates applications for broadcast networks and media companies around the world, we have built a complementary product that interfaces with Applicaster's management systems. The product gives app owners, customers of Applicaster, the ability to easily embed different questionnaires and surveys into their app. The product allows for embedding trivia questionnaires, surveys, votes, etc., with the possibility to edit the content and design of each questionnaire - with the main use of those questionnaires being while a related  television program is broadcasted on-screen.

The product "Ultimate Question" is embedded in the management systems that Applicaster provides to its customers, allowing the company's customers to set up and conduct different activities in different designs. The customer can choose a template design from a variety of possible templates to choose from - grid, list, slider, in-circle, carousel, etc. With any such template, content and design can be configured in a simple and convenient interface. Each template can be used for a variety of options - trivia, survey, prediction question, voting, getting feedback on votes from other users, and more.

Another product that we established is the "Stitcher" - which allows the customer to take a number of questionnaires that have been set up, and consolidate them into one long questionnaire between several stages, with the option of registering at the end of the questionnaire. The Stitcher also has a convenient and friendly interface, with drag and drop capabilities, hiding and displaying content, etc.

The product development was done with a variety of tools - Facebook, Google, Mixpanel, Morpheus, Google Analytics, and more.



"Grid" type question


Another "grid" type question


"Grid" type editor interface


"List" type question


"Round" type question


"Round" type question editor interface


"Stitcher" opening page


"Stitcher" registration form


"Stitcher" editor interface


Slider over video


Multi-Camera carousel


Carousel over video