Menu for choosing notifications topics to implement in apps

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For Applicaster, which develops and runs content apps for broadcasters and media companies around the world, we have created a product that they can embed in their various apps. The product allows the user in the app to choose which topics they would like to receive updates.

For example, an app operator can provide updates on politics, sports, and fashion - and the user chooses to receive sports-only updates. Or alternatively, a sports app allows you to get updates on different football seasons - and the user can choose individually that he wants to receive only updates that are goals and red cards for a particular team in a particular tournament.

Alongside the user interface, an editorial interface has also been set up for customer use, where he can change and update the content and information of the various updates he provides.

When developing the product, we interfaced with Appoxee and Urban Airship - companies that provide update and push services to users' devices.


Choosing the topics page on mobile


Choosing the topics page on tablet


Page Content Management Interface