The game of Fuze Tea Duel, developed by Slash, is a real-time "head-to-head" trivia game in which one player rises against another player.

During the game, the player chooses a subject to compete for. He waits until another player, who is currently in the game and selects the same subject, will face against him. When the two of them started up, the game would start, and both would have the same trivia question. Only when they both answer, or when the remaining time is over, will the game go to the next question. And so on, until they have completed 10 rounds of questions. At the end of the rounds, one of them will be declared a winner - the one who answered most of the questions correctly, in the shortest possible time.

The game used real-time technology to synchronize the two players, who competed against each other head to head.

In order to manage the activity, we set up a dedicated management system that enables us and the client to obtain information about the different players and games, and to edit information such as the pool of questions in the game.




Category Selection


Waiting for the opponent player


A synchronized countdown to the two players, who rise against each other "head-to-head"


Qestion Page


Waiting for the answer of the opposing player


Game End


App on desktop


Management System