Development of user-based content applications for "Reshet 13" chanel

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Various activities of the "Reshet 13" (one of Israel's biggest TV channels) programs that we developed at Slash Application Development are designed to create interaction and involvement of users with the program, in order to strengthen the viewer's connection with the program. These applications are user generated content applications, in which users are asked to upload text, images or videos related to the program or topic related to the program, and in some of the activities they can even win prizes.

For example, in "The Amazing Race" activity, users can share experiences from trips around the world, and in the "Chef Games" activities, users can share successful recipes.

These applications enabled all users to view the content that surfaced on the platform in various forms - list, gallery, map, etc.

Each application has a dedicated management system, in which all uploaded content can be viewed, and filter inappropriate content.



In the "Chef Games" recipe activity, users could upload recipes they know and love, with the most successful recipes winning prizes. On the site user could see the gallery of all the recipes that were uploaded by users.


The "Chooka to Home" application is a gallery of users' images, showing their TV viewing experience, which the users upload to the application or to the dedicated Hashtag on Instagram.


In the "first time" application of "The Amazing Race", users are asked to upload pictures - through the computer, smartphone or via Instagram - when they do something for the first time, similar to the task the program's participants performed that week.

The app allows you to view images by task, with each picture can be "liked" or shared.


"The Amazing Race" activity has two parts - the first part is the activity itself, in which the users write where they want Spring (soft drinks brand) to surprise them with an exotic break. To the winners of the activity came Spring's team to surprise them in the chosen place - in the office, garage, classroom, etc.

The second part included a video gallery of all the places where the surprised winners were taken, and also appeared as a tab on the Facebook page of The Amazing Race.


"The Amazing Race" interactive map is an activity in which users choose a country they visited, and send a picture of them and a date from that visit. The photo gallery of the users is displayed on an interactive map and a gallery showing all the users' images according to destinations in the world and according to travel dates.


Red and Dvir's "Move With Groove" application allows the user to write a short tip - what is his original move. The user wrote the most successful tip wins a gift.


The application "My Story" is an application whose main purpose is to publish anonymous stories of users, when the stories are presented in a gallery designed as a bulletin board.
For each story you can comment and like. In addition, the program experts also respond to users' stories.
In other pages in the app you can read and respond to the expert articles. As well as search for stories of users and articles of experts.


During the first season of the X-Factor program, "Record Yourself" stations were set up in malls around the country, where you can record songs from a selection of karaoke songs. When the recording ends, the recorder receives a disc with its video.

In addition to the disc that contains the video, the video is also published on YouTube and Facebook, so that song recorders can share it with their friends. In the video gallery, which was uploaded to "Reshet 13" site, to the Facebook page of X-Factor and to a dedicated page for mobile "Reshet 13" application, you can see all the different videos, share them, like them and filter videos by free search.

The management system allows the customer to view all the videos uploaded to the gallery, search for videos by names and dates, export all the videos to an Excel file, and mark offensive videos as "inactive" so that users can not be exposed to them in the gallery.