We have developed a variety of different trivia games for the various programs of the "Reshet 13" TV channel ("The Amazing Race", "Chef Games", "The Voice", "Got Talent", "Survival", "X-Factor", etc.).

For example, we have developed trivia questions about the world for "The Amazing Race" program, nutrition questions for the "Chef Games" program, questions about the next episode of "Survivor", "X-Factor", "The Amazing Race" and more. In addition, we have developed second screen trivia games, which present questions within the app in real time the candidates answer in the TV program, enabling the viewer at home to answer the same questions together with the candidates on the TV screen.

Here are some examples of some of the trivia apps we've developed for Reshet 13:



The "Peek at the Next Episode" app for "The Amazing Race" and the "Reebok" sponsors.


The "Peek at the Next Episode" app for "The Amazing Race" and the "Rexona" sponsors.


The "Peek at the Next Episode" app for "Survivor".


The "Peek at the Next Episode" app for "Survivor".


In the trivia activities of the various programs "Peek at the Next Episode", the viewers see a video clip every week that will be broadcast in the next chapter, answering three questions regarding that video. After answering each question, the user can see a graph showing the distribution of answers to the same question by the other users.


Trivia "Ciniminies" for the Got Talent program.


"The Fire Games" of the "Chef Games" program - during which the player must match the food type to the correct flame of the stove.


The "Nutritious Chef" application for the "Chef Games" program.

When the user enters the application, there are three open-ended openers with different dishes. The user must identify which portion is the healthy portion. If the answer is successful, the user receives another question, this time instead of three, six are presented.
The game has a total time limit of 10 seconds, after which the user is disqualified and can restart the game. A user who has successfully answered both questions fills out a form with his personal details and enters the competition in which the user who answered the questions in the shortest time wins a prize from the sponsors of the application - "Tnuva".


During the first season of "Chef Games", we developed a trivia application for "Reshet 13" website, which was designed to test the knowledge of the fans of the program. The Slash team developed the application, which contains three random questions, for which users can type in the answer.
Below each question are lines representing the number of characters in the answer, with some of the characters already showing one letter. At the bottom of the interface are the alphabet keys, when pressing one of these keys the letter that was pressed is displayed in the answer in the case of a correct click. In the event of a mistake, the user is disqualified .


"An exotic moment around the world" - a challenging trivia application in which users are supposed to identify the location of images presented to them, each question has four answers and a specific time to answer the question. For each question the user can score points if he answers correctly, or alternatively subtract points if he answers the wrong answer.

The winner who accumulates most points wins a dreamy vacation overseas.


The game "The Race Abroad" is a dual-screen application that users can enter during the broadcast of the show and answer questions about what happens during the program itself. The questions presented in the application, as well as the waiting screens between the various questions. Dedicated management system allows the operator to send the appropriate question or the appropriate screen in real time to all of the users.


The "Money Pump" game allows users who enter the programs to answer different trivia questions and accumulate points. Users entering the application during the program itself - can answer the same questions, at the very moment answered by the program's contestants on the screen. With a dedicated management system and precise timing, the game operator could trigger the appropriate question as soon as it was broadcast on the screen, thus giving the user the "Second Screen" experience - directly interacting with the program through the application.


During the "Best of all" program, the Reshet 13 channel operated a dual-screen application that we developed, enabling the viewer at home to answer the questions together with the candidates on the TV screen. The question that comes up on the screen arises at the same time in the application, and once the candidate answers the question - the application is blocked from answering the question, and instead of the question screen, the user sees statistics of demographic segmentation of answers to the question. The same demographic data were broadcast on TV in real time and were shown on the screen while the program was being broadcast.