Development and design of a video generator application - the experiment of "Dying for a Moment"

in: Apps, Web Apps Development, Video Generators, HOT, Social Networks API

The Facebook and the mobile application "The Experiment", which was set up for HOT (Israel leading communication conpamy) TV series "Dying for a Moment", ask each user for permission to participate in the experiment, and after a Facebook connection, show him the results of the experiment in a form of a personal video.

Each user can share their personal video and invite their friends to participate in the application - by sharing on Facebook, sending to an email or sending as a Whatsapp message. Even users who enter the application from Facebook to the desktop version, and not just from the mobile, were able to distribute their video in Whatsapp through a special Whatsapp account allocated for the activity.


Main app page, on Facebook


Personal video page, on mobile