Design and development of the Facebook application "Our Story" - EL-AL and Steimatzky

in: Apps, Web Apps Development, User Generated Content, Social Networks API

During June, EL-AL and Steimatzky invited EL-AL passengers to participate in the "Our Story 2" story competition. Flight passengers were asked to write their own original story or continue the introduction of a well-known story.
30 selected stories appeared on the Facebook app for a month. At the end of the month, the selected user who has accumulated the highest score - won a flight ticket abroad.
The app itself was shaped like an open book, with its table of contents page. You could pick the story, and after selecting a story - read it by browsing the book. Every story gets a rating from the users - from 1 to 5 - and each story can be shared, sent to a friend and printed.



The app's main page


Stories page


Story page