Video Generator Application Development - "Dancing with Eliana"

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In the "Dancing with Eliana" activity, which was presented at the Facebook page of "Rosh1" Isreali youth magazine as a Facebook tab and a mobile-optimized site, the user create clips in which they appear in a dance alongside the youth star "Eliana Tidhar".

In order to produce a clip, the user chooses a picture of herself. Using facial recognition technology, the app places the user's face in a round frame. The user can move the image a bit within the frame - right, left, up and down, zoom in or out, or rotate it right and left. The user then selects image of his friend and performs the same actions. After selecting the two images, the user can add icons, sentences and a frame to the clip - by selecting the elements and dragging them to the desired location. At the end, the user fills-in her personal details and inserts a short text in which she describes her reason for winning the prize - an adoring encounter with Eliana. After clicking on the confirmation button, the app creates a video for the user, which it can share on Facebook, Wattsap, in the app gallery, and save the video to computer or smartphone.


Sample video created in app:


The various application screens:


Selecting the image appears in clip


Choosing the clip icons


The personal video page


Video gallery prepared in the application


Application management system