Surveys, lotteries and games for Reshet 13

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For some of the "Reshet 13" channel (one of the two major TV channels in Israel) programs, we have developed a variety of different web applications such as surveys, games and lotteries.

Here are some of these apps:


In "The Voice Selection" application, which is branded under its sponsors ("Partner Communications"), the user could choose the songs they would like the contestants to perform on the show.

A dedicated management system enabled the customer to receive statistics and voting data on various user selections.


In the "X-Track" game, developed by Slash for Channel 13, users can influence the appearance of contestants in the semi-finals of the show X-Factor.

The user interface allows the user to move among the candidates, to browse different clothing styles for each candidate, and choose the desired dress style. In addition, for each candidate are presented two songs, and the user can choose the song he would like to see the candidate performing on the show. At the end of the process the user is required to fill in his details, in the event that he wants to be a candidate for a prize.

The customer has a management system in which he can receive the information of all the different games played by the users - including the selections they made for each candidate and their personal details filled out in the form. The results are presented in the form of graphs, which summarize the number of votes made on each day and the summary of the users' selections for the various candidates. In addition, the admin can edit all the characteristics of the game through the management system - pictures of candidates' dress styles, candidate pictures, song names, the banner displayed in the game, etc.


On the "Mana Hama" web page, which was displayed on Reshet 13 website and in Reshet 13 app, the users could participate in order to enter the lottery and win prizes.

The various products on stores included codes for the activity, which the users could type in the web site, answer a question about the "Survivor" TV program, enter their personal details - and if the code is indeed a valid code of the product they purchased, and if they answer the question correctly, they enter the lottery for winning prizes.


The "Bank Hapoalim" survey, which was displayed on Reshet 13 application and web site, asks users to answer a number of questions about their general conduct and fill in various demographic details. A user who completed the survey can enter his or her personal details and be a nominee for the prize.


"The Perfect Couple" - the launch application of "The Amazing Race" - is a web app in which the user can find the perfect partner to win the race with, through Facebook. The application uses analysis of friendships and various interactions between the user and his friends on the social network, in order to find the perfect partner. One of the participants who filled out their details in the application would win a flight to Europe.


The web app "Where's my spring?" is an interactive game of the program "The Amazing Race - Season 2".
As a combination of content from The Amazing Race and elements related to the sponser, we designed and developed a light and fun game aimed at finding bottles of the sponser's branded products in the countries where the program's competitors are located. Each week, another stage is opened for users - the country to which the race participants came. The winner of a vacation in Thailand will be the one who will find the most bottles at every stage, in the shortest possible time.


In the "Five Roulette" activity, the user spins a roulette which stops on a prize. He must then answer a question of knowledge regarding the "X Factor" program, and if he answered correctly - he will be a candidate to win the award he spinned, after filling out a form with his personal details.